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Blog on ” Top 7 Resume mistakes That You Should Avoid”

Resume plays an important role in an interview. It demonstrates a person’s information related to their educational qualification, job experience, contact information etc., Information provided in the resume must be true and the interviewers ask the questions based on your resume. If you can’t answer it properly they will consider that the details in the resume are false. So prepare the resume with true information. You will often make some common mistakes while creating the resume. Here are a few things that are to be avoided in a resume.

1. Ignoring the appearance of the resume

When an interviewer views the resume it should create a good impression, so the appearance of the resume is very important. Don’t use large fonts. If large fonts are used in the resume the interviewer may get irritated. Use only acceptable font format. Don’t use designs in the resume. Resume must be presented in professional format.

2. Failing to proof read your resume

When creating your resume be aware of spelling and grammatical errors. One should review the resume properly.  If a resume has a lot of spelling mistakes it will become the main reason to reject you. Spell check your resume and ask your friends to proof read it again.

3. Making the resume too lengthy

If the resume is more than three pages it will take long time to read. Interviewer may not have time to go through each and every detail in the resume. So make the resume precise with essential information.

4. Lack of Information

All the necessary information related to the job seeker must be in the resume. It is necessary to mention about your skills related to the job. If you have additional skills, note it on the resume. If you already have work experience, list the names of previous employers, period of work and your work responsibilities in each company.

5. Copying information from other resumes

Don’t copy statements from the resumes of other people. Your resume should be unique and should not be the exact copy of another candidate.

Similarly, don’t copy the statements or lines from websites and include them in your resume. An interviewer expects your resume to be your own creation.

6. Giving incorrect/inaccurate contact Information

Your must make sure that the contact details in your resume are correct and updated. If you give incorrect phone number/email address, the interviewer can’t communicate with you. It is a good idea to list an alternate phone number but don’t list all of your phone numbers and make the interviewer wonder which phone number they should use to contact you.

7. Sending the same resume to all the employers

Don’t present the same resume for all the jobs. Sometimes it will be irrelevant to other jobs. Always update your resume according to their job specification.

Always present the resume in a neat format. Remember not to do these 7 mistakes and be conscious while preparing the resume.


Career Blog on “Possible reasons why you are not able to find a job”

Finding a job for many are tough, with the years of experiences interviewing thousands of candidates, below are the key reasons why a candidate will not be able to get a job. Hope this will help you in finding the key issues and from there and perhaps you can make some changes and get the job that you preferred. Good luck!

Here goes….

1) Expecting too much in salary, if your qualification and experience is not there, do not expect the market will match your expectation.

2) Having the wrong information from the public – If the news and survey in some career or job site says that you should be getting $xxxx.xx salary per month, don’t trust them 100%, survey and reality is very different.

3) Did not insert your photo in your resume- Your photos says alot about yourself, make sure you get the best of the best in that resume.

4) Do not have a great resume, if your resume is not up to the minimum standard, you will never pass the first round, not even ask to be interviewed. Sad to say 9 out of 10 of the resumes I had seen did not match the minimum standard. In fact, most of the resume guide out there, the techniques used are so outdated that I wanted shake my head when i read them….

5) Does not match the requirements of the advertiser. If you are not 70-80% match what they are looking for, sending your resume to them will be a complete waste of time. Hence, look at the requirements carefully before you send your resume. Target at the right job advertisements and you will be able to get the job easier.

6) Not totally prepared for the interview: You need to know what the position you are applying, the company background, the competitors, and many other things…do your homework first…. The HR personnel will know if you are not prepared, they are too experience for any tricks.

7) Giving negatives answers during interview, remember that you MUST never give any negative views about anything when you are being interview…once you have…you are out!

8 ) You do not express any passion or sincerity about the job. If the interviewer has this feeling, very likely you will not be successful. Hence, feel passionate about the job, make them feel that you really like this job but do not over do it, the line is very thin though.


Career Blog on “Job Hunting Success Tips”

Job Hunting Success Tips

We do know what a struggle the job market is and how competitive the market has gotten lately but don’t despair!  Keep your eyes open, be flexible, and there are still opportunities out there.   Here are some of the things I found that really helped me to secure a highly sought after position and actually get a pay raise in this economy.

It took me a while to figure out that if you are unemployed, looking for a job is more than a full time job in this economic market. You have to be flexible, open to anything, and ready to do more than the other 10 qualified people that they interviewed that day….just to get a final interview!

I went for months posting my resume on careerbuilder and monster and any other job board. I applied to any position that seemed like I wouldn’t mind doing. I did what everyone else is doing… They are saying, ” I have experience, and marketable skills, I will make a great resume and blanket every employer in the nation with it.”  The sad reality was that I had little to no success securing interviews using this tactic.

I really started having success getting interviews when I  figured out that employers are so flooded with resumes that they don’t read many of them… they don’t have the money to hire people just to read resumes. They put them through a “keyword scan” program and when a resume has the keyword density, or “relevant experience”  they actually read it and then you have a chance at getting a call for the interview.

What I started doing was going through the job postings on monster, careerbuilder and whatever sites I was a listed on then browse jobs for what you want. When you come across the job ads you like and qualify for read them carefully for keywords and make a list of all of those keywords. Spend a few hours doing this and really browsing for similar positions and looking at job postings.  The better your keyword list is… the more responses you will get.

Once you have the keywords from the positions you are seeking, rework your resume to use those keywords as much as possible and show your experience relevant to what they are seeking. I know, your resume is great already, but if you take the time to even rebuild it from scratch thinking about what your potential employer really wants to see chances are  you will have much more success.

Upload the new copy of your resume to the job listing sites making sure to view it and that it looks *perfect* and is formatted correctly(which is hard to get right…don’t use the tab key building the resume, you have to use the little bar on the top in Word to set the formatting for each line or it wont come out right when you upload it).

One major thing I found was to keep re-uploading your resume  at least 2x a week. If you don’t subscribe to monster and careerbuilder’s pay service for exposure… you mysteriously stop getting calls after about 4 days from your last posted resume.  Maybe they use algorithms or maybe employers just see the top of the stack of resumes first, either way you definitely get a lot more calls from employers by updating your resume constantly. Even if you just upload the same resume with the text color of your name changed you start getting calls again.

Don’t be afraid to use some color in your resume to help it stand out in a sea of black and white! I had lots of success using bold bright colors to make my resume stand out too.  I found that bright blue, bright red, and deep green worked well for emphasizing experience and other important points.  I noticed a lot more calls once I put the color in too.

I know how brutal the job hunt is now, but dont get down.  Know that there are good jobs out there like always, you just have to work for them… I started working smarter, not harder.  Don’t waste time blanketing your resume out to every employer. Find what you want to do and build your resume to sell yourself and your experience as what those employers are looking for.

When you do get the interview, I  found that using all of the interview prep questions and other help documents on ResumeBear will help

Make sure you prepare and do your homework!  More good advice and tips can be found here: http://blog.resumebear.com 

Career Blog “Why We are Not Water”

It’s easy to find reasons not to move forward.  Fear is such a powerful motivator that it seems we even seek it out sometimes as an avoidance technique.  Fears are exactly what keeps an otherwise talented person from becoming what they want, it’s what stops them from achieving a life that they truly desire.

Many aspire to the lofty seat of consulting or contract work.  The idea of self employment has become very popular in an age where lay offs are as common as the news papers who deliver news of them.  Yet, having been born, raised and bred in a society which preaches the safest possible courses, the paths which offer the least resistance and most social capital.


Water is often considered one of the most powerful elements.  Poets, philosophers, business leaders, martial artists, nearly everyone has summoned water as a positive metaphor in their respective fields.  Rivers flowing towards lakes and oceans, oceans symbolizing mystery and power.  No one, however, seems to discuss what water is doing wrong.

Water is always going downhill.  Water follows the course of least possible resistance.  When it hits an obstacle, it looks for ways around rather that finding ways through.  A river will go for hundreds of miles to circumnavigate a mountain range.  And when water hits a cliff?  When it’s back is against the edge?  Where does it go?  Water jumps.  Water Falls.  Water keeps running.

Do we want to be water?  keeping yourself trapped by fear will keep you running like water.  In a safe, assured path that everyone else is floating down.  You’ll start close to the top of the mountain with your ambitions and will – despite your progress – be pulled further and further from your dreams of the summit.

Water very rarely rises.   When it does – tides, waves – it does so only temporarily.  Water only rises by the will of talented and dedicated individuals.  Humans are the only time water ever rises.  We build dams to create lakes, we redirect rivers, we create fountains.  The human capacity for leadership, innovation and dedication is the only thing that can make water stop running.

So why are you running?  What’s holding you back?  What stream are you caught within that is keeping you bound downstream, away from you goals?  Are you paddling against the current, working to head back upstream?

It’s a difficult task.  Often the only way we’re given a chance to get out of that water is to completely step out, and that can be even scarier.  Leaving a job with no guarantees is a terrifying prospect, but it’s also the best way to ensure you can dedicate your energies to getting back toward that summit.


Up and Running with Flash Professional

In this course, author Anastasia McCune provides the basic building blocks a designer, even one who’s never touched Flash, needs to create animation projects or build a web presence. This course works for all Creative Suite versions of Flash and demonstrates how to create graphics, transform them to symbols, instantly move and morph objects with tweens, and incorporate text and audio. The final chapters address slightly more advanced topics such as adding links and play/pause controls to a project with ActionScript, as well as how to embed video into a Flash project.

Topics include:

  • Understanding and importing bitmaps and vector files
  • Working with shapes in Merge Drawing mode
  • Embedding fonts
  • Adding video to the Flash project

Along with the free video training tutorials you will also receive monthly offers, tips, and insider information you won’t hear elsewhere–including special discounts extended to newsletter subscribers.

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Blog on “The 5 Second MBA”

The 5 Second MBA

Discover the Basis of Any MBA Program Boiled Down Into Humorous Graph-Puzzles/”Gruzzles”.

As a leader and CEO, GL Hoffman has always tried to find better ways of communicating with his stakeholders. The best methods are not only honest and genuine, but clever in the way they motivate and stimulate reactions. Over the years, as time stresses mount up, taking the time to listen to, or read long communication efforts has shortened considerably. For example, the popularity of Twitter (140 character communication).

In this series of almost fifty “Gruzzles”, GL aims to teach and motivate quickly, bluntly and humorously. He uses popular culture elements as well as lessons that he has learned as a serial entrepreneur.

GL Hoffman is the chairman of the online job search engine, LinkUp.com and author of StartUp, 100 Tips to Get Your Business Going.

Download The 5 Second MBA now. With this free guide you will also receive free daily email updates from GL Hoffman’s blog WhatWouldDadSay.com featuring what he’s learned after 25 years of doing startups.

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Blog on Top 50 Ways to Ruin Your Job Interview

                          Pls Avoid this Bad Situation




So, you got the interview all lined up and your ready and raring to go…well if you plan on doing well, you better avoid these 50 interview killers (and yes, every single one of these we have seen or have heard about from colleagues


  • Arrive late or too early (more than 10 minutes is too early)
  • Fall asleep or yawn
  • Smell like cigarette smoke or alcohol
  • Discuss your party life
  • Dress inappropriately
  • Talk bad about your past co-workers or boss
  • Be rude or obscene
  • Be overly sarcastic
  • Try to tell jokes
  • Forget your resume
  • Look at your watch/play with jewelry
  • Ask about money too early
  • Don’t research the company
  • Ask too many questions
  • Ask no questions at all
  • Use “like” too often
  • Be unable to answer their questions
  • Lie about your experience
  • Wear too much or too little makeup
  • Sound desperate
  • Leave your phone on
  • Be fidgety while talking or being talked to
  • Use big words incorrectly
  • Forget to ask for the job
  • Act like you have better places to be
  • Expect benefits immediately
  • Be a braggart
  • Be overly shy
  • Speak too quickly/or to slowly
  • Swear
  • Joke about sexual harassment rules
  • Talk about your solitaire skills
  • Complain about anything
  • Roll your eyes
  • Interrupt the interviewer
  • Arrive under the influence
  • Talk too much
  • Ask about holiday’s off
  • Not know which position you are interviewing for
  • Forget the name of the company/interviewer
  • Chew gum
  • Ask about dating in the workplace
  • Be fake/overly excited
  • Use words that really mean nothing like “web 2.0″ and “go-getter”
  • Don’t ask for their business card
  • Deliver a weak or too strong handshake
  • Name drop
  • Ask the interviewer their age/relationship status/gender
  • Bring in food to eat during the interview
  • Don’t even show up

Have you had a bad interviewer/interviewee? Share your experience!

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