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Blog – Managing Your Online Presence to Make it to Recruiters’ Shortlists

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Blog – Managing Your Online Presence to Make it to Recruiters’ Shortlists

Managing Your Online Presence to Make it to Recruiters’ Shortlists

Making it on the list of top recruiters is not easy. With the number of potential candidates being much higher than the number of good openings, job seekers are at a disadvantage. However, there are ways of making your presence known to recruiters.

Create Social Profiles

In today’s world, you are as good as nonexistent, if your do not have any online presence. The results of a survey of hiring managers in the US indicate that 16% of them use Twitter, 23% use Facebook and as many as 66% use LinkedIn to search for candidates. It is advisable to create profiles on both LinkedIn and Facebook in case you haven’t done so already. Regularly updating the profiles and keeping them as professional as possible is also necessary.

Highlight Your USP

It is important to differentiate yourself from others. This means that you need to draw attention to your USP (Unique Selling Preposition) or your biggest strength. It should be indicated right at the top of your profile. Validate your statement with a brief description of your professional achievements.

Ensure that Recruiters Find You

Including your LinkedIn profile link in your resume will make it easier for recruiters to find you. You can add it under contact information.

Collect Recommendations

Collect as many recommendations as possible. In case your past or present co-workers, clients or bosses are on LinkedIn, you can request them to write recommendations. Do not hesitate to ask for recommendation as most people are likely to be glad to offer them. Recommendations are the best way of offering recruiters a positive feedback about your work.

Extend Your Network

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are also great for extending your network. There are a number of groups dedicated to job search on LinkedIn from which you can choose the suitable ones.


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