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Blog – Manage Your Social Reputation to Avoid Biases

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Blog – Manage Your Social Reputation to Avoid Biases

Today online reputation plays a critical role in career development. A majority of recruiters use social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to search for candidates. So if you don’t have a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, you are as good as nonexistent online. However, just having a social profile is not enough; you need to ensure that the profile creates a favorable impression.

Reppler and TrueRep are some of the services that can help you find out whether you are an online social butterfly or a pariah. Reppler offers a social image score based on a top-down view of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa activities. It can even highlight Facebook updates that are likely to get you into trouble. 

The Importance of Social Image Score

Social image score is a reliable way of assessing the impression your social profiles are likely to have on HR professionals, recruiters and others capable of offering great opportunities and advancing your career. A survey of 300 US recruitment managers indicates that as many as 90% of them checked the social media profiles of potential candidates. This was a regular step in the screening process for about half of the survey participants. As many as 76% recruiters checked Facebook, 56% checked Twitter and 48% checked LinkedIn.

This means that a favorable social image is extremely important to avoid bias. It also means that maintaining a serious image on LinkedIn and a party animal image on Facebook is a bad idea.

Requirements for an Ideal Social Image Score

The social image score depends on a number of factors. Large network and regular updates can enhance the score. It is best to keep the tone of your updates positive. Other than your own updates, the comments made by your friends also need to be monitored to ensure that they are appropriate. 


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