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Ebooks on “Mac OS X Lion Server Essential Training- Free Video Training Tutorial”


Ebooks on “Mac OS X Lion Server Essential Training- Free Video Training Tutorial”

In Mac OS X Lion Server Essential Training, author Sean Colins shows how to configure a Lion Server installation, while highlighting its ease of use.

The course gives an overview on servers: what they are, why they’re necessary, and how to set them up quickly. It also covers file sharing, managing iOS devices with the new Profile Manager, and creating and sharing podcasts in Podcast Publisher, plus productivity services such as iCal, Address Book Server, and iChat Server, which keep shared calendars, contacts, and chat conversations securely in your possession. Exercise files accompany the course. 

Topics include:

  • Understanding Lion server installation requirements
  • Planning for your server
  • What is a profile and why should I manage it?
  • How catching software updates can save your network
  • What is file sharing?
  • Collaborating in a group
  • Creating a new wiki
  • Restoring your operating system from the internet

Along with the free video training tutorials you will also receive monthly offers, tips, and insider information you won’t hear elsewhere–including special discounts extended to newsletter subscribers.

After taking advantage of the free video training, you can access all of their video tutorials by becoming a member of the Online Training Library®. Membership plans start at $25 per month, and require no long-term commitment.


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