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Blog on “A Quorum on Quora?”


Blog on “A Quorum on Quora?”

Quorum on Quora?

Many contractors and consultants try to gain a bit of leverage by creating a name for themselves through blogs, tweeting about their industry, and overall making their voice heard.  Blogs, however, can become difficult to run when you don’t know the specific things people are looking for, or can feel pointless if no one reads.  Quora is a venue for people to draw  attention to their expertise in a democratic forum.

For the uninitiated, Quora is a website which allows for people to post questions and receive answers from experts in the field.  The best answers are up-voted by the readers.  The social aspect of it – the ability to follow questions you are interested in as well as following individuals whose answers you respect – encourage thorough researching of topics, thoughtfully written answers, and the convergence of real world experience with research.

We’ll look at three ways to use Quora

The Scholar

You’re an expert, but you want to continue to build your internet influence.  Quora offers a platform for you to answer questions in your field.  Not only does the question-asker see them, but so do other experts.  You can critique each other’s answers, learn something new, or even rethink your positions.   As you answer more questions, more people will begin to view you as an expert.


We don’t know everything.  The first thing every wise person knows is that they know nothing.  Asking questions lets you grow your mind.  Using Quora, you can quickly gain a number of perspectives from people at all levels of your field.  Your idol may drop in to answer a question, and someone who idolizes you might throw their opinion in the ring.

The Admirer

Quora also offers an interesting way to follow someone you admire. If you have an admirer who uses Quora, you can quickly follow their opinions across myriad subjects.  You might even find yourself starting to disagree.

The internet is such a fascinating place offering us access to opinions, facts, strategies and experiences no other time in history has ever seen.  Dip your cup deeply into the stream


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