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Blog on “The 5 Second MBA”


Blog on “The 5 Second MBA”

The 5 Second MBA

Discover the Basis of Any MBA Program Boiled Down Into Humorous Graph-Puzzles/”Gruzzles”.

As a leader and CEO, GL Hoffman has always tried to find better ways of communicating with his stakeholders. The best methods are not only honest and genuine, but clever in the way they motivate and stimulate reactions. Over the years, as time stresses mount up, taking the time to listen to, or read long communication efforts has shortened considerably. For example, the popularity of Twitter (140 character communication).

In this series of almost fifty “Gruzzles”, GL aims to teach and motivate quickly, bluntly and humorously. He uses popular culture elements as well as lessons that he has learned as a serial entrepreneur.

GL Hoffman is the chairman of the online job search engine, LinkUp.com and author of StartUp, 100 Tips to Get Your Business Going.

Download The 5 Second MBA now. With this free guide you will also receive free daily email updates from GL Hoffman’s blog WhatWouldDadSay.com featuring what he’s learned after 25 years of doing startups.

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