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Blog on ” Top 7 Resume mistakes That You Should Avoid”


Blog on ” Top 7 Resume mistakes That You Should Avoid”

Resume plays an important role in an interview. It demonstrates a person’s information related to their educational qualification, job experience, contact information etc., Information provided in the resume must be true and the interviewers ask the questions based on your resume. If you can’t answer it properly they will consider that the details in the resume are false. So prepare the resume with true information. You will often make some common mistakes while creating the resume. Here are a few things that are to be avoided in a resume.

1. Ignoring the appearance of the resume

When an interviewer views the resume it should create a good impression, so the appearance of the resume is very important. Don’t use large fonts. If large fonts are used in the resume the interviewer may get irritated. Use only acceptable font format. Don’t use designs in the resume. Resume must be presented in professional format.

2. Failing to proof read your resume

When creating your resume be aware of spelling and grammatical errors. One should review the resume properly.  If a resume has a lot of spelling mistakes it will become the main reason to reject you. Spell check your resume and ask your friends to proof read it again.

3. Making the resume too lengthy

If the resume is more than three pages it will take long time to read. Interviewer may not have time to go through each and every detail in the resume. So make the resume precise with essential information.

4. Lack of Information

All the necessary information related to the job seeker must be in the resume. It is necessary to mention about your skills related to the job. If you have additional skills, note it on the resume. If you already have work experience, list the names of previous employers, period of work and your work responsibilities in each company.

5. Copying information from other resumes

Don’t copy statements from the resumes of other people. Your resume should be unique and should not be the exact copy of another candidate.

Similarly, don’t copy the statements or lines from websites and include them in your resume. An interviewer expects your resume to be your own creation.

6. Giving incorrect/inaccurate contact Information

Your must make sure that the contact details in your resume are correct and updated. If you give incorrect phone number/email address, the interviewer can’t communicate with you. It is a good idea to list an alternate phone number but don’t list all of your phone numbers and make the interviewer wonder which phone number they should use to contact you.

7. Sending the same resume to all the employers

Don’t present the same resume for all the jobs. Sometimes it will be irrelevant to other jobs. Always update your resume according to their job specification.

Always present the resume in a neat format. Remember not to do these 7 mistakes and be conscious while preparing the resume.


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