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Career Blog on “Possible reasons why you are not able to find a job”


Career Blog on “Possible reasons why you are not able to find a job”

Finding a job for many are tough, with the years of experiences interviewing thousands of candidates, below are the key reasons why a candidate will not be able to get a job. Hope this will help you in finding the key issues and from there and perhaps you can make some changes and get the job that you preferred. Good luck!

Here goes….

1) Expecting too much in salary, if your qualification and experience is not there, do not expect the market will match your expectation.

2) Having the wrong information from the public – If the news and survey in some career or job site says that you should be getting $xxxx.xx salary per month, don’t trust them 100%, survey and reality is very different.

3) Did not insert your photo in your resume- Your photos says alot about yourself, make sure you get the best of the best in that resume.

4) Do not have a great resume, if your resume is not up to the minimum standard, you will never pass the first round, not even ask to be interviewed. Sad to say 9 out of 10 of the resumes I had seen did not match the minimum standard. In fact, most of the resume guide out there, the techniques used are so outdated that I wanted shake my head when i read them….

5) Does not match the requirements of the advertiser. If you are not 70-80% match what they are looking for, sending your resume to them will be a complete waste of time. Hence, look at the requirements carefully before you send your resume. Target at the right job advertisements and you will be able to get the job easier.

6) Not totally prepared for the interview: You need to know what the position you are applying, the company background, the competitors, and many other things…do your homework first…. The HR personnel will know if you are not prepared, they are too experience for any tricks.

7) Giving negatives answers during interview, remember that you MUST never give any negative views about anything when you are being interview…once you have…you are out!

8 ) You do not express any passion or sincerity about the job. If the interviewer has this feeling, very likely you will not be successful. Hence, feel passionate about the job, make them feel that you really like this job but do not over do it, the line is very thin though.



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