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Career Evolution


Career Evolution

Whether you decide to remain employed by a company or if you choose to strike out on your own, the concept of evolution follows you.  The idea of being still in life is an illusion.  We are always either growing or regressing.  If you are not progressing in some way, you are falling behind.  When you tread water in a river, the water moves you – not always in the direction you’d like to go.

It is much the same with your career, if you don’t have a direction you’d like to head in, you’re guaranteed to head in one which is not of your choosing.  Here are some ways to ensure you’re constantly heading in the direction of your choosing.

Never Settle

I rage against contentment.  When you feel like you aren’t being challenged, aren’t struggling, it is time to set higher standards, reach for further goals.  Muscles only grow when placed under stress, and our potential in business and entrepreneurship only grows when we take on larger and more difficult projects.

Learn Constantly

You can never allow your mind to stop expanding.  When you enter an office, I’ve always thought you can tell who has stopped expanding.  Their interests are stagnant, their conversation is slow, their wit is non-existent.  People who invest in education – either with new courses or frequent trips to libraries, book stores, and online research – ensure that they constantly exercise their mind.  This keeps them sharp and interesting.

Seek Extracurricular Activity

Again, you know so many people whose interests haven’t evolved since college.  They go to work, they go home, they watch the same TV programs, check the same websites, and don’t ever think to grow beyond that.  If you go out into the world and engage all the beautiful facets of it, you guarantee your exposure to new and interesting people which only expands your network.  That expanded network makes you a more powerful and useful individual.  New life-experience aside, you may find that an important person in your company or a new client is as interested in your new hobby as you are.

Life informs business as much as business supports life.  Expanding in one ensures growth in both, but conscientiously maintaining that growth will make you absolutely invaluable and incredibly well thought of in your industry.  People don’t just connect to talent, they connect to people.  


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